Those who do not want to
imitate anything,
produce nothing.
Salvador Dali

Unicorn Lady

Liu Yang a Chinese warrior princess

Dark chains pin up

Madonna Celebrity Doll

Leonardo Pieraccioni celebrity doll

Natalie Shau - Hiding Place

Robert Carlyle

Written in my soul

Jennifer Lopez Celebrity doll

The spell of the witch

Annie-The lost love mermaid


The Rainbow Fairy


Queen of secrets Gold Valentine

My love pink bear

Julia Roberts Celebrity doll

My Little Darling

Tribute to Mijn Schatje (the mask design) and Scarlet Gotica Claudia (the illustration design belong to her)

Geoffrey Rush celebrity doll

Maleficent Angelina jolie celebrity doll

Maleficent and Aurora by Claudia Raddi The 3 fairies, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, were sculpted in cold porcelain by Sonia Cacioppi of "La Bottega Delle Fate"

Mahel Manga doll

Britney Spears

EmisKilla celebrity doll

I am not strange.
I am just not normal.
Salvador Dali

About Me

Award winning visual artist
inspired by rich and diverse tecnique,
naturally occurring patterns and vibrant natural colours.

A true artist
is not one who is inspired,
but one who inspires others.
Salvador Dali

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Drawing is the honesty of the art.
There is no possibility of cheating:
It is either good or bad.
Salvador Dali